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Fire Watch Services by The Fast Fire Watch Company are being preferred by businesses to ensure the best response to a fire on the premises, especially in the aftermath of the recent protests when installed fire alarms may not be working.

Hollywood, FL: According to announcements released by The Fast Fire Watch Company and George Navarro, the company has seen an increase in demand for its fire watch services in recent times. The waves of protests that swept across the country highlighted the need for hiring a professional fire watch services company. This business is run by retired firefighters who have the experience and instinct to do the right thing to prevent fires and quickly control one before it gets out of hand. The Fast Fire Watch Company has offices all over America.
Businesses cannot afford the risk of a shutdown or pay hefty fines that dereliction in ensuring fire safety attracts. This fire watch services company fulfills short or long-term needs through a smooth operation that begins with a free, quick estimate followed by timely deployment of fire watch guards for temporary or long fire watch security.

According to sources, The Fire Watch Company has completed more than 10,000 watch patrols. It continues to rank the most trusted fire watch guard services because of its commitment to customer service and by having a tried and tested system in place. Guards are on standby to arrive at the jobsite fully equipped and on time. The emergency-trained guards comply with city and state ordinances, maintain a log, and monitor the area. They can quickly identify hazards and will work with the local authorities. Once a project is completed, the guard turns in all the logs to the Fire Marshall.

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George Navarro of Fast Fire Watch Company said, “If your fire alert system is out of order for more than four hours in 24 hours, you are required by law to implement a fire watch. Be sure to check with your local authority having jurisdiction (AHJ) to ensure you’re adhering to local requirements as they may be more stringent. Another reason is hot work being performed in the building; this includes welding, torch use, or any other flame and/or spark-producing activity. This is particularly relevant in building sites. Any area that has a large gathering of people can create a fire hazard and safety concerns. Fire watch services are required to protect the crowd from the dangers of flames in a crowded, condensed area.”

Sharing insights on the hiring of a fire watch company, Navarro said, “Hiring a fire watch company that you can rely on is important for many reasons. First, you need highly trained and skilled guards to keep a vigilant eye on your property to protect it. You may be tempted to use some of your regular employees as fireguards, however, this is not advisable as they do not have the proper training and expertise to execute properly and most securely. There are trained and certified fire watch guards available, on-call 24/7, for your fire watch needs. The price you’ll pay to hire expert guards is small when you consider the potential consequences your building could suffer without them.”

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