Fire Watch Security

Fire watch guards and fire alarm systems help reduce the risk and potential damage of accidental fires. 

There are few things that can be more disastrous to the efficiency and survival of a business than an accidental fire. As a building owner or company director, this may place fire preventative measures including fire watch guards, amongst the top of company priorities.

However, with the COVID-19 pandemic, certain services have had to be put on hold if they are not essential. Below, we outline the importance of fire watch guards and why they have been deemed an essential service.

What Are Fire Watch Guards?

Firewatch guards offer an array of additional benefits than other fire protection services. In general, they help maintain fire equipment, identify potential fire hazards, safeguard the perimeter of the property, and keep track of the events throughout the day.

Why Fire Watch Guards Are An Essential Service?

The purpose of a fire watch guard is primarily to prevent the outbreak of a fire to prevent critical risks such as damage of property and the loss of life. 

Fire guards play an important role in safeguarding the potential loss of profit, property, and human life. This makes them an essential service that needs to be available despite the pandemic. 

Prevent fire outbreaks 

Fire watch guards typically patrol outside to ensure that the fire system is operational and to protect the area from any fire outbreaks. 

According to the law in many states, hiring fire guards to patrol their properties is a requirement for some business, multi-residential or commercial property owners. This is in the best interest of businesses. Failing to hire a guard could hold the company liable for violating state laws relating to fire control and safety.

Flagging fire hazards

One of the most important aspects of fire control and prevention is to identify fire hazards before they occur. 

A typical office building has countless combustible components, which can make it the perfect storm for a fire outbreak. Common fire hazards include old or loose wiring, heating equipment, and combustible materials. 

Fire guards have extensive knowledge of the materials that cause fires. They can provide property walkthroughs to identify the components that increase the risk of a fire spread. After the inspection, they will change the environment to eliminate or minimize the fire risk of the property.

Maintenance of fire equipment

The good maintenance of fire equipment is essential in putting out fires before they spread out of control. 

Some of the most important fire protection equipment to have on-site include a smoke alarm system, fire extinguisher, and automatic sprinkler system. Fire guards are able to inspect, assess, and flag the equipment that needs repairing or replacing. 

Although the equipment is not expected to be used all the time, fire guard services make sure that they are kept at a good standard. This ensures that they function properly when needed.   

Fire patrols

While securing the area, fire guards patrol the property to scan for potential fire hazards. A fire hazard may be an exposed wire near a combustible material that could ignite and spread fire throughout the property.

Certain properties, such as government buildings, hospitals, and other critical services, are at greater risk of fire hazards and require additional protection from fire services. In addition to monitoring the fire hazards on the property, fire guards also patrol to protect the areas from potential arsonists. 

Monitoring and tracking

As they complete their tasks throughout the day, fire guards also monitor and log all fire-related observations and activities. The record holds important information, which can provide a safety net for the owner. For example, they could use the records for insurance claims, investigations, and to inform future decisions regarding fire safety systems.


Fire watch guards are an advantage to any business at risk of a fire. They are key to the success of fire-safety systems, which safeguard the life and success of typical property-based businesses.

Fire guards are trained and experienced professionals. In terms of fire safety, you can confidently trust them to protect your business, property, and lives of your employees or tenants. Fires can cause unimaginable destruction so it is clear why fire watch guards are essential services.