fire watch services

Owning or managing a business is a high-stress role with an endless list of responsibilities, one of which is ensuring the safety of your building, assets and people.

Your clients and staff depend on you to keep them safe, not to mention all your expensive merchandise. You’ve hired staff to handle all the required tasks around your property; cleaning, maintaining, fixing, etc., so you’re all set, right?

On most days, this may be the case, however what about those days when your fire alarm or sprinkler system isn’t working properly?

The power might have gone out, or the system may just simply be malfunctioning. This is when having a fire watch patrol service in place becomes necessary.

What is A Fire Watch Patrol Service?

Imagine trained professionals who will continuously patrol your business and the property grounds to make sure there are no signs of fire (or potential risk of fire) in the area.

They are part of a security company, and this is their full-time job, meaning they are experts at it. With these heroes guarding your most prized possessions in those times of need, there will be absolutely no need for you or your coworkers to worry about possible fire hazards.

How Will They Save You Money? What Will You Avoid?

The first and foremost advantage of implementing a fire patrol service is providing safety and security from the risk of fire until your alarm and/or sprinkler system can be repaired or replaced. But fire watch patrol services can also save your business a lot of money and reduce your risk of exposure to liability, lawsuits, damages and more.

Fire Watch Liability Concerns

One of the biggest advantages of hiring a security team to handle fire watch patrol is reduced liability issues. For example, if your business suffers from a fire, you can be held liable. All costs? All damages? That’s all on you. And when it comes out that your fire prevention and/or alarm systems were not working properly, insurance may not cover any claims. Not to mention the possibility of negligence claims by employees and customers.

However, hiring a fire watch guard can greatly reduce these risks, and in the event of an incident, ensure that you and your business took all of the mandated steps in order to protect those impacted.

Costly Fines

Most jurisdictions across the US have meticulously drafted guidelines regarding the circumstances in which a fire watch service is required by law, as well as what these services must entail. Our firm is highly experienced in compliance with these local regulations and certify that when you hire us your business will be in compliance. Failure to adhere to these stipulations can result in hefty fines and even the temporary shutdown of your operations, costing time, energy and resources.

Multi-Purpose Service

The primary role of fire watch guards is to perform fire watch services. However, fire watch guards also serve to keep an eye out for any other issues such as potential hazards, construction site security, dangerous working conditions, criminal activity and anything else that seems out of place.

Prevention and Early Detection Saves Money and Lives

An ounce of prevention truly is worth a pound of pain. Fire watch services can help establish preventative measures or identify potential hazards before they become an issue. Further, if a fire does begin to smolder or ignite, fire watch guards are the first line of defense, making sure emergency services are called immediately, potentially saving hundreds of thousands of dollars in damages, operational downtime, assets and lives.

Professional Fire Watch Guard Services you can Rely On

The cost of damages from any size of fire largely outweighs the hourly wage of a fire watch patrol service, both financially and otherwise. Call us today to find out why so many businesses trust us to keep watch over what matters most to a business.