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The professional services of a fire watch company are required whenever any part of your fire alarm or sprinkler system is broken, malfunctioning, or taken offline. If you’re asking when you should hire a fire watch company, then chances are, it’s time.

If you have questions about fire watch companies and when you should hire them, we’ll break it down for you in this article.

What is Fire Watch?

If you’re new to commercial real estate, property, or site management, you may not know exactly what fire watch is.

Fire watch is when a person, or persons, are assigned to keep watch over hot work and/or fire hazards in a building or area that does not have an automatic fire alarm system. Typically, these services are used when a fire system is broken, not working properly, or if one isn’t in place yet.

Many times, these services are required in emergency situations where an alarm system malfunctions or goes offline. These services are usually only a short-term solution to be used while the fire alarm and/or sprinkler system is being installed or repaired.

Most states have laws and regulations that govern when businesses are required to enlist the help of a fire security company. In absence of reliable alarms and sprinkler systems, trained professionals need to be on site in hazardous areas to keep watch and immediately report any danger.

What is a Fire Watch Company and When you Should Hire One?

Fire Watch companies who have guards for hire are the best places to find fire watch personnel should you need it. Most security companies provide many different security services, including fire watch services. 

Hiring a security company is the preferable method for keeping watch over hazardous areas as the contracted individuals are fully trained and certified in fire safety and compliance.

Since fire watch services tend to be emergent in nature, some businesses try to save money by having their regular employees fill the role, however, this is not advisable. Not only is using your own employees a major liability, it’s also very dangerous for anyone in and around the building or site.

There’s a reason why security company employees go through rigorous trainings to become certified. The safest and smartest option when fire hazards are present is to hire professional services until the alarm systems are back up and running.

How Can I find Fire Watch Services Near Me?

If you need help protecting your building from fire hazards, the first thing you should do is contact a reputable security company in your local area to inquire about their services.

Most fire watch companies require that their employees are fully trained in all security tasks, including fire. Guards hired from security companies are reputable and accepted by state and local regulations.

Additionally, professional security services are usually available around the clock, anytime you need them. So, if your building experiences an outage that causes your alarm systems to malfunction, you can have access to qualified guards, quickly.

Anytime your property is not protected by a fire detection and alarm system, it’s your responsibility to act as swiftly as possible to not only fix the issue, but to get a security team on site ASAP. A quick Google search of “fire watch companies near me” should return you a list of quality results to choose from.