24hr fire watch

Fire watch guards are security professionals that help protect building sites and office spaces when alarms or sprinklers are not functioning properly. Employing a professional security fire watch guard can help protect your property if a fire did ever start while your fire protection technology wasn’t working. Fire watch security guards, however, do much more than just act as the first at a fire, so we’ve conducted a short list of a fire watch guard securities duties. 

24/7 Surveillance

If you hire a reliable security guard fire watch then the first thing you can expect is a thorough inspection of a building. This enables the fire watch guard to understand the layout of a building, which will allow for quick, easy and safe exiting of a building should a fire occur. Fire guards are incredibly vigilant, patrolling the grounds of an office space can often become tiring, which is why they will offer 24/7 surveillance via cameras as well as having a guard on the ground. 

The first on the scene

Should a fire occur at your property a fire guard safety watcher, will contact the fire department immediately. They are not trained to tackle full scale blazes, and it would be unsafe for them to do so. So, contacting the emergency services as quickly as possible is the safest method to getting a fire under control. 

Becoming the alarm

The reason you’d ever have a fire watch security guard in your building is because your alarms, and sprinkler systems are malfunctioning. A fire guard will be the first person to alert people within the office space or factory of a fire and ensure everyone leaves the building quickly and safely. 

Logging fires

If a fire does occur at your property, then a fire watch guard should conduct a log of the event security. Logging the event ensures that future fires can be put out much quicker. If fires are common occurrences at your place of work, then logging them into a system ensures you can have tougher surveillance in hot bed areas, preventing more fires in the future. 

Keeping your business well-valued

A fire guard safety officer also adds an extra level of value to your property. In a case where you hire a surveillance full-time and not just when your property is having fire protection issues, a fire safety officer will add a value to your business. Fire security guards don’t just keep fires at bay, they also keep potential thieves at bay, giving 24 hour protection. 

In summary, all of the points above prove exactly why a security guard fire watch officer is crucial for your business, whether it’s a temporary measure while your business has maintenance works, or a full time job. The work of a fire security team is vital in keeping your business afloat, especially in these current times, when working in an office or warehouse is less prohibited due to the coronavirus pandemic. With The Fast Fire Watch Company, you’ll have peace of mind that your business will be protected.