fire watch services

This short guide will give you all the ins and outs of fire watch security, the benefits it will bring both in terms of safety and overall business cost. 

Fire watch security is a team or sometimes an individual who’ll look after your property, to help prevent the spread of fires. 

Whether it’s a risky manoeuvre of a piece of equipment or a repair on a part of a building, a fire can start at any given moment, especially in warehouses and factories that are high risk. Fire watch security teams are a great asset to a company to help prevent in-house fires. 

The national fire protection association states a fire watch team as a team or individual who follow the tasks of contacting emergency services during a fire, ensuring the safety of the building’s occupancies during a fire and someone who will extinguish small blazes. 

Just from the small tasks above, its easy to understand why a fire watch guards team is absolutely vital for your business. 

The work of a fire watch security team doesn’t end at preventing the spread of a fire. They’ll be on hand twenty-four hours a day. This constant surveillance is good practice to ensure everyone within your business is following the basic health and safety rules. 

Often fire watch security teams are brought into a business during a transition period of old and new fire protection technology, or when your fire protection technology is malfunctioning, and thus deemed unsafe. Hiring a temporary set of fire watch security staff when your fire protection isn’t working is an absolute must. If a fire was to start the security team would be the first on hand to prevent the spread and contact the emergency services. 

According to the National Fire Protection Association (NFPA) over five hundred million dollars’ worth of fire damage occurred in manufacturing businesses alone from 2014-18, which shows the severe impact that fires can have on businesses. This is why it is important for you to ensure your business is fully protected before an incident occurs. 

While working for you, a fire watch security team will conduct thorough searches for potential high risk areas. These searches tend to be an hourly occurrence, checking that your members of staff are adhering to the health and safety rules, as well as spotting any potential high-risk zones. Doing this will hopefully prevent fires from every damaging your property. Fire security teams will also regularly test your fire protection equipment, with scheduled alarm testing once a month, this not only ensures your alarms and sprinkler systems are working, but it also gives your employees an understanding of the best ways to exit a building during a fire. So, should a real fire occur your team will be well prepared. 

Fire watch security teams are a great addition for your business, and a professional team will adhere to many rules learnt during fire guard safety training. Fire watch guards should be well equipped with the necessary tools when a fire does occur and will even attempt to tackle a blaze if it is small and safe to do so. In summary, these fire watch security teams are a vital part to a business, and you should most definitely hire a professional team to help protect you and your employees. 


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